Welcome to Health Ambassador, the future of health and medicine at your fingertips. At Health Ambassador we focus on bringing you the latest in regenerative medicine for all your anti-aging and athletic performance wants and needs. What is regenerative medicine? Regenerative medicine is a new theory of research and medicine with a focus on tissue engineering and molecular biology. This is the process of replacing, regenerating and engineering human tissue, cells or organs restoring or establishing normal function. Regenerative medicine is a field of promise in engineering damaged tissues and organs through stimulating the body’s own repair mechanism. This process aims to functionally heal irreparable tissues and organs. Though regenerative medicine aims to prompt the body to repair itself it also recognizes the need for intervention with the possibility of growing autologous tissues and organs in a laboratory setting. Autologous regeneration could solve shortages of organs available for donation and transplant rejection. Regenerative medicine takes biomedical approaches such as the use of stem cells, which is widely known, but also integrative and functional modalities prompting cellular regeneration such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Peptide Therapy and so much more.

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